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I am thrilled to say that la Senora (above) is my latest accolade. She was purchased by the Houston Arts Alliance permanent collection to be showcased at the Houston airports. Keep an eye out for her!

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Fine Gourd Art

and Alcohol Ink Paintings

by Jill Robinson

Interested in purchasing my gourd art? Go to the Gourds For Sale tab on the Menu bar...

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Be sure to look for my gourds (above) from Sept 2021-Feb 2022 at the Austin (ABIA) airport, across from Gate 10! (See the "For Sale" tab on this site for photos of the gourds on display.)

My art...

Artist’s statement: “Texture, shape, color and design, whether contemporary or traditional, inspire my creativity. Gourds with their vast variety of shapes, large and small, have become the canvas for my impassioned mixed-media expression of natural beauty working harmoniously with contemporary elements.”

The tactile qualities and visual beauty of the materials I use inspire me every day. All of the gourds on this site began with a raw/natural gourd. To create these artful gourds, I extensively clean, carve, inlay, wood burn, paint and weave on them. I also create alcohol ink paintings with the same inks I use on gourds. Now that your interest is piqued, take a look at the rest of this site and plan to come to see me at one of my upcoming shows. I look forward to seeing you!

Please enjoy this 3 minute video of my gourd art process!

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